Our purpose

  • To act as the interface between, on the one hand, private investors (natural persons) who wish to purchase a wine-producing property asset and receive the benefits of it, without taking on the professional risk and, on the other hand, renowned winegrowers who wish to enlist the support of partners motivated by the qualitative and controlled development of their business.
  • To set up Vineyard Investment Groups whose units are leased by us or by our usual partners.
  • To set up “tailor-made” groups for the members of a single family, or a group of friends who wish to invest.

Introducing our Team

The team “Gestion Finance Saint Vincent” combines various and compatible talents. It is dedicated on finding vines (sourcing and assessment), and also deals with direct marketing and network coordination.

From left to right : Christophe Thiboult, Sabine Eyquem, Xavier Beal, André Manière, Emilie Bourgeat and Philippe Berger.

The power of our reputation

Our expertise, widely recognised in the press, is based on solid foundations:

SELECTING the most famous vines or future land to maximize capital gains.

CHOSING the most talented winegrowers and winemakers who are capable of getting the most out of the grapes on your vines and providing a strong added value to your bottles.

SHARING your group’s experience with your winegrower and partners by keeping them regularly informed and by taking part in the friendly and fun general meetings each year.

ALLOWING bottle exchanges between partners from different groups from the various regions through the "Saint Vincent Meetings".

ORGANISING secondary market sale.


Several decades of experience in vineyard investment

Gestion Finance Saint Vincent is an investment management and advisory firm set up in Dijon. We work in synergy with land experts and negotiators, notaries and chartered accountants. Our team has several decades of experience and knowledge of vineyard investment.

Gestion Finance Saint Vincent carries out PROPERTY AND BUSINESS ASSETS TRANSACTIONS, Property Licence N° T 442, issued by the Côte d'Or Prefecture. Without collection of capital or assets. Gestion Finance Saint Vincent is covered by MMA-COVEA RISKS, 19-21 allée de l'Europe, 92616 Clichy-Cedex.





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