Investing in Champagne

The winegrowers of the Champagne region have, owing to courage and obstinacy, but also thanks to their ability to adapt to an obvious commercial interest, done what no other region has been able to do: make their sparkling wine the unique symbol of happiness, pleasure, parties and success.

Given that these values are universally shared, it is now rare for a joyous event to be celebrated without the sound of a cork popping. This is happening more and more, everywhere in the world as people become richer.

The most northerly in France, the Champagne vineyard covers three departements. Marne with 20,530 hectares is the biggest. The mountain of Reims, the Marne Valley and the Cote des Blancs are the historic heart. The vineyard is also at the west of Reims, and to the south near to Épernay and Vitry le François. In the departement of the Aube, Bar sur Seine, Bar sur Aube, the Riceys also have a long wine-making tradition. We should not forget the vineyards situated in Aisne, and Haute-Marne and Seine & Marne, blessed by geology.

Throughout this time, the vineyard itself has not been able to extend at the same pace. Newly planted vineyards are increasingly rare. The price of vineyards therefore continues to increase, and given that the price of the bottles has been relatively well-behaved until now, this will not last, and the future is likely to see a continuous increase in price.





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