Accompany the economic boom of a quality vineyard

In previous centuries, land represented in absolute value the majority of French capital. It was gradually supplanted by property, industrial and then financial assets.

In current value, after stagnating for a long time, the price of agricultural land is going up but without reaching European levels. Only land with building permits and quality controlled term of origin vineyards have progressed more quickly than inflation.

However, these last few decades have witnessed a decline in the consumption of current table and quality wines.

At the same time, in the world, some countries have opened up to wine (both in terms of consumption and production) thereby contributing to change acquired habits and calling into question the historic supremacy of French wines.

We are currently going through a profound change that will see, in France, the disappearance of some unsustainable operations; it will lead to the uprooting of the vines lacking any qualitative or economic interest. At the same time, entrepreneurs or winegrowers with exceptional terroir, oenological, cultural and commercial know-how will certainly reap the benefits generated by global wealth.

One thing remains certain. In order to take part in this boom, relying on a solid base namely a quality terroir is vital. In this respect, authentic bio-terroirs cultivated by purists in the most prestigious plots in the Bordeaux, Bourgogne or other regions, as well as the whole of Champagne will be sought after more than ever.





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