Financial Matters

The investor becomes owner of the vineyards in question by settling in cash or credit.

The land and the treasury balance needed for the working capital are then contributed to the GFV.

The long-term leasing is vital to obtain the tax advantages.

The lease must take into consideration the payment of rent (fermage) in cash by the winegrower. The hectolitre price is set annually by the Prefect’s Decree and is set very precisely according to each appellation. The Decree is published during the second semester of the following year.

Charges to be paid on the rent (fermage) by the GFA correspond to land tax and management fees, in other words, the establishment of the calling and holding of the annual Ordinary General Meeting.

Also to be paid are the operator’s supervision and control costs, as well as the information costs for the associates.

For the payment of the lease in cash to each associate, a conversion agreement can also be reached with the winegrower who will then deliver, each year, and after the growing and bottling, a certain amount of bottles (except in the case of exceptional climatic conditions). This provision of bottles improves the apparent yield.





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